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The .30-30 Lever Action Assault Rifle

There are some proponents of the use of the modern .30-30 lever action carbine as a tactical assault rifle. The rifle maintains today all the inherent qualities that made it the premier assault weapon when it first became commercially available. The typical carbine size made it exceptionally handy for close quarters battle (CQB) and the ballistics of the .30-30 Winchester round make it less likely to penetrate walls and cause un-intentional collateral damage. The use of the leaver action carbine also requires very little training and range time to become proficient in it's use and it a naturally "instinctive shooter". The lever action is faster than a bolt gun and has a respectable magazine capacity. The .30-30 round has excellent terminal ballistics characteristics and finally, the rate of fire with even a modest amount of training is quite respectable. The only glaring drawback is the same factor that caused the lever action to be dropped from serious consideration during the first word war: the lever is difficult to cycle while shooting from a prone position or while barricaded in a tight hidden firing position.

Marlin Tactical Lever1.jpg

Marlin Tactical Lever2.jpg

Marlin Tactical Lever3.jpg

Marlin Tactical Lever4.jpg

Marlin Tactical Lever5.jpg

Marlin Tactical Lever6.jpg

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